About Us

About Us

Remember Every Situation Encourages Transformation

The flow state is the experience of being so absorbed by an engaging, enjoyable task that your attention is completely held by it. You generally lose sense of time, self-consciousness and anything that doesn’t have to do with the task at hand. In flow, you feel as if you could keep doing whatever you’re doing forever. Some people refer to this informally as being “in the zone.”
ResetZone is situated at the newly built InsideOut, Rockflieds Precinct, just off the newly built Lenchen Extension connecting Rooihuiskraal and Old Johannesburg Road in Centurion.
With the state-of-the-art building, equipment and well-thought-out kickboxing and functional fitness programme; you will have better upper-body strength, more endurance, toning, weight loss and an all-round healthier lifestyle.

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It starts off with the basics. If the basics are all you need, you’re good to go.

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If you love the energy of group workouts, we have a class that'll fit you

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Why Choose Us

Burn Calories While Having Fun

Reset Zone is designed to give you the best workout experience that you can achieve. Our main focus is, was and always will be on creating a friendly, fun, welcoming and all inclusive workout space. We strive to make exercise beneficial while keeping it interesting and challenging.


Happy Client

Keeping you happy, healthy and productive.


Success Programs

Go all out, or choose only what drives you.


Our Intructors

Everyone has a different fitness goal. Our trainers are here to help you meet and break them. But it’s not just about getting you fit. Our trainers will help you unlock your full fitness potential. With the right workout, you’ll find yourself moving, and even standing better.

Sensei Given Majuba

Sensei Given Majuba

aka “Bonecracker”

Sensei Given is a 4th degree Kickboxing black belt sensei, a pro MMA fighter and an EFC athlete. He has 19 years of fighting experience; 9 years of coaching experience and he was a South African National Kickboxing coach in 2022 for the African championship.

Sensei Tshepo Majuba

Sensei Tshepo Majuba

aka “Yasuke”

Sensei Tshepo is a 1st degree Kickboxing black belt sensei, a pro kickboxing fighter and a pro MMA fighter. He is a South African kickboxing champion, with 9 years of fighting experience and 4 years of coaching experience.